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  • The Biter league (3 teams) is postponed until further notice. Still you can register without commiting to championships : we'll organize scrim matches outside of the league. Don't be shy, come as you are, no need to be Pro !
  • The Behemoth league (7 teams) is already running, click on “Next Matches”
  • Good to know?? Need to know!! Important: Rules and infos for referees/players/streamers
  • Factorio is in v1.1.50 (stable), Scenario is in v0.96. Details and changelog in the scenario
  • About Biter Battles

    Defend your silo against waves of biters while defeating the other team's silo !

    Feed your opponent's biters with science to increase their strength.

    There is no direct pvp combat. Try the scenario at the public game "Free"

    Biter Battles Championships - Two leagues

    Teams are split in two leagues according to organisation's choices helped by community advice.

    The Behemoth league is the Elite league where known top teams and players fight on Hard difficulty and without BP library.

    The Biter league is the Regular league where anyone else fights on Normal difficulty and with BluePrint library.

    (You won't have to fight against top teams if you are placed in the Biter league)

    Leagues start 29-31 October 2021, so you have time to establish a team and train.


    Matches are 3(+1) vs 3(+1), the (+1) meaning the coach/spy/substitute.

    The goal for all teams is to play one match per week, preferably Friday | Saturday | Sunday.

    Double round robin : all teams in one division will fight twice against each other team of that division, once “at home”, once “away | visitor”.

    Team “at home” chooses its side (North | South) and can reroll the map up to twice (but no roll back !).

    Both teams are given the same starter pack chosen among 4 by the team “at home”. Contents of the starter packs : packs.png

    See all rules


    Once you have registered on the website, create a team, so you are the captain. All captains will be granted the admin role on training public servers:

  • [BBC] Training S1 | Biter Battles Championships
  • [BBC] Training S2 | Biter Battles Championships
  • You can restart scenario at any time with /force-map-reset (do not use it in official matches)

    For any questions, email us or join the channel BB on Discord

    Ask everLord#4340 or neuro#8366 for the admin role and for the password if you're waiting for them.

    Once done, you can invite anyone you want to these servers and start your training or your scrims. Check the procedure via the ? button in the team manager.

    If you prefer, you can host yourself the scenario, download the zip file here or get the files via the github

    Don't forget to unzip files in the /factorio/scenario/bbc-master

    Even easier, use this save to host from local


    Beside honors and proudness obtained by winners, best teams will earn cash and/or hardware from the community and sponsors

    Cash prize is garanteed to be at least 1000€. Organisators will complete the cash prize to 1000€ if needed.

    All rewards, cash prize, hardware are handeled by organisation with a total transparency, and will be distributed to :

  • Top 4 teams from Behemoth league: 30% - 15% - 10% - 5%
  • Top 3 teams from Biter League: 15% - 10% - 5%
  • Providers of servers and technical help: 5%
  • Miscellaneous costs for 5% (if any)

  • The CashPrize is currently :

    Top donators :

    You want to raize the cashPrize and enter hall of donators?

    If you want to help the CashPrize grow, you can give via Paypal account, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • Paypal: paypal
  • Bitcoin: bc1qg7mfur3n9r6e4hw9sv2gkenz38ju7npkh6kljj BTC
  • Ethereum: 0x45c8b749581a19ca623949fbc1de8d3470cd03e9 ETH
  • If the total of cash prize is extraordinary(!) huge(!!), the organisation may put aside some of it for the next seasons (say more than 5K€, woot!, internet? you never know !!!)

    If you have made a donation to the cash prize please send us an email at with the name you want to add in the hall of donators and the references of your payment. Thank you very much!

    Organisation is looking for sponsors, we can provide publicity. Factorio is mostly played by adults, parents well established, and have good purchasing capacity.


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